Episode 35: Service forecasting & planning – taking the guesswork out of SLAs

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In service operations, one thing is certain – workloads fluctuate. As an operations leader, it’s your job to make the unpredictable…predictable.

In this edition of AO on Air, our host Michael Cupps is joined by Elliott Tiernan, Product Director at ActiveOps to discuss the challenges operations leaders face when planning and managing service levels, and how over-servicing can be as costly as not hitting SLAs. Elliott also gives us an overview of Service Indicators, a new feature of ControliQ from ActiveOps, gearing up operations leaders across the globe to deliver service on target, with optimal cost.

As a former operations leader himself, Elliott knows of the many struggles that leaders experience when it comes to SLAs and predicting and planning the optimal level of resources to meet targets. That’s why he worked closely with ActiveOps customers to better understand their day-to-day challenges and find the right solution, embedding that capability into ControliQ. ActiveOps is excited to add Service Indicators to Planning, providing leaders with powerful forecasting, allowing them to not only plan for the work that’s coming in but also to comfortably predict the service levels of weeks to come. Delivering consistency across service levels, predicting outcomes, and avoiding employee stress due to fluctuations in work.

Want to know more about Service Indicators and ControliQ?
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Meet our guest
Elliott Tiernan, Product Director at ActiveOps

Elliott Tiernan works with our client base to ensure they get the best from our products and the ActiveOps methodology. Starting his career as a Mechanical Engineer, Elliott transitioned to financial services as a Process Improvement specialist in 2003. After working in the London Insurance Market for 10 years, Elliott initially joined ActiveOps as a Delivery Director and now works within our product function as Product Director.

As with many of our employees, Elliott was a client of ActiveOps and enjoyed a close working relationship with the organisation during his career.